There are times I can write about bands that don’t need any introduction. The Rapture, so famous since the release of their album Echoes in 2003, have become one of those bands of worship for me. Loyally, for many years, I have used them as a way to lift my mood, make me feel younger and to bust out a few dance steps at home (to which my neighbours can attest).


Last year I had the chance to see them live at their last concert during their European tour of 2011, the album In the Grace of Your Love was ‘fresh from the oven’, making it, in my musical seasons, the soundtrack to last Summer. The video, titled after the album, was in my mailbox for two months in a queue to be presented here, and forgive me the delay, but I think I have arrived at just the right time, and if you watch it, you will discover the dance steps that you should be trying out from now on every time you go dancing… I’ve already started, and I don’t think I’m doing too bad. Now visit